OC-Craft Haul: American Bazaar


Its haul time once again Lovelies and since I’m kinda sad and bored on that day, I decided to look for some cute/cool stuff that will make me feel happy.  But before sharing it with you, please do follow my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updated with my haul.

It was a Saturday morning when I woke-up alone feeling sad and bored; I decided to look for some cute stuff that can somehow make me happy.  So I went to American Bazaar store at KCC mall in Gensan where you can find random items at 66, 88 & 99 pesos. Starting with something that I can hug when I’m sad, I found this white cute monster stuff toy for only 99 pesos.   What I like about this toy is aside from its soft and smooth, it has cute lashes and wings at the back. Its name is Cupipi (iba yang iniisip mo. Bad yan.) It’s from a word cupid which has a gift of matchmaking.

I remember that I needed a handy mirror that is small and easy to carry. Then I saw this cookie mirror for only 88 pesos. With this I can now easily pull out the mirror without hesitation. Alam mo yung you want to check your teeth if something stock on it but then you’re too shy to pull out your press powder with mirror or use your smartphone front cam kasi obvious and everybody will notice you.  Good thing I found this mirror and this will definitely be an add on to my everyday essentials.

I have this rubber ducky clip that holds my earphone wire. However, sa sobrang paborito madungis na sya. So I look for a replacement then I saw this donut cord keeper for only 66 pesos. It comes with three lovely colors (blue, pink & orange). However, when I try to wrap the wires it doesn’t fit the whole cord maybe I need bigger size than that or stick with rubber ducky clip na lang muna.

My ear foam phone was ruined so I needed a replacement since I’m using it every time I commute on a bus. Good thing they have this earphone foam for only 66 pesos at 3 pairs na.

I used to take a nap on long trips that is why comfy bus chair are very important to me.  However, some bus chairs are not comfortable. Yung iba sira or hindi marecline ang sandalan that could cause sakit sa batok.  I have a neck pillow however, it’s too big for me at hassle bitbitin. Good this I saw this small pillow for only 88 pesos.  It’s so soft, light weight and easy to carry. I can put it on my wrist or in my bag (it doesn’t consume space). I recommend this to all travelers out there.

Ako po ay malamigin na tao (I easily get cold). PJ, jogging pants, jacket and blanket are not enough to keep me warm that is why socks is also a must have for me every time I sleep on an air-condition room. These three stylish socks are good to go.

What you do when you're sad and bored?
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Thanks for dropping by my blog Lovelies and I hope this will somehow give you an idea on what to do when you're sad or bored. But please do keep in mind to set a budget first before grabbing some items because if you don't, you will get broke after. 

Until my next post! (^,^)

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