What's inside The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2018 Giving Journal?


As we leave 2017, we tend to reflect on the achievements and failures that we encountered and on how we surpassed it. In order to repeat those achievements and avoid those failures, we need to take one step ahead and plan our 2018 right. Last November 11, 2017 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf launched their 2018 Planner at CBTL SM Lanang Premier Branch, Davao City. For 10 years, CBTL Giving Journal is known in promoting social responsibility by giving back to the community and inspiring us to become the best that we can be. Their new planner is dedicated to empowering us to live a purposeful life with its theme “Leave a Legacy”. It help us think of what we can change in order to help others and become a better person.

The CBTL 2018 Giving Journal comes with 3 neutral colors, green, black, navy blue and 1 customizable cover where you can color and design on your own. How cool is that!

Great freebies voucher that you can avail monthly. (^,^)

What I like about this planner is that every month it comes with a typography and artwork design. It has a weekly inspiration that is related to its monthly theme too. 

Each month will keep you on track of your goals like list of your 3 priorities, health tracker, and action plan for relational, financial, mental, physical and spiritual. You can also jot down what you’re grateful for, put photo of your favorite memory, realizations and learning’s in life and a reminder area where you can put special occasions or events that will be happening in a month. 

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It also has a progress tracker of your giving journey roadmap for 2018 and a gratitude jar where you can write all the blessings you’ve received in order to remind us how special we are to Him.

Towards the end of the planner, there’s a portion you write a letter to yourself reflecting on the past year learning and goal achievements in life. This will served as your reference if you become a person you wanted to be.

It comes with this cute colored sticker. (^,^)

Here are some photos taken during the event. (^,^)

CBTL 2018 Customized Planer for P1,999 

Make your own design activity.

Here's my work of art. (^,^)

Together with Davao Bloggers Society.

Together with Davao Bloggers Society.

There's no dull moments with Davao Bloggers Society.

Photo credit to CBTL FB Page.

Photo credit to CBTL FB Page.

To know more on how to avail a free planner, like CBTL FB page and click the photo below for full mechanics. 

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  1. Davaoooooooo!!! I from CDO and so eager to be in Davao, soon <3 I don't know if you mention in your post here that you are from Davao, i just knew one of the girls in your photos. hehe.. Anyways, you are so lucky to be in CBTL event, i was also invited in CBTL CDO event but unfortunately i was not in the Philippines yet :( but it's okay i'm already happy seeing my friends in CDO who enjoyed the event.


    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog Ann. Hope to see you here in Davao once you visit. =)