10 Tips on How to Lessen Your Expenses


Adulting is one of major challenges that you will encounter when reaching the age of 20’s. This is the starting point where your needs and wants increase its demand. As you get along you will realized your income will no longer sustain your lifestyle and that is the time you want to look for a job that can pay you higher salary but still it can’t sustain your monthly expenses. Change of lifestyle is the solution for it. During Sun Life Financial event last July 27, 2018 Mr. Mark Bonifacio (Entrepreneur) shares 10 tips on how to lessen your expenses.

1. Create a realistic budget and stick to it by listing down your expenses so you can set a side emergency fund that composed of 3-5 months’ salary and save money for yourself.

2. Live a simple life by downsizing your needs and wants.

3. Find ways to earn more by having a part time job or small business.

4. Pay your debts and avoid using credit card.

5. Examine your bills and subscriptions because you’ll never know if they make hidden charges and you subscription becomes necessary already. And always keep in mind to pay your bills on time to avoid extra charges.

6. Avoid bad money habits like impulsive buying when you’re feeling sad or stress out.

7. Invest in yourself and have a vision goal by reading inspirational books or listing your dream travel destination or by simple enhancing your passion.

8. Take care of your credit score.

9. Look for a mentor that you can share insights and experiences (vice versa).

10. Be prepared for anything. Make an investment and have insurance.

I hope these tips will help you prepare for your brighter future.

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