Here's Whitening + Anti-Aging Moisturizer to Add on your Skin Care Routine


Hi Lovelies! If you are at mid 30's like me who is looking for whitening and anti-aging moisturizer, this one is for you. Olay Natural White launches its newest variant Ageless Aura. It's the first 2-in-1 whitening cream that offers two powerful ingredients to effectively deliver that youthful aura.

The new Olay Natural White Ageless Aura delivers this 2-in-1 benefit. Ageless Aura contains Mulberry Root Extract which is known for its anti-oxidant properties, and is popularly used in cosmetics for its skin lightening and brightening benefits. It also contains Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide, today’s “it” ingredient in the skin care world, which delivers anti-aging benefits that targets to reduce fine line and wrinkles. Plus, it comes with SPF15/PA++ for sun protection, too. If you’ve been hiding behind these photo filters to get you that instant fair skin online, it’s time to chill and trust Olay Natural White Ageless Aura to get yourself real-life filters for a fairer and youthful aura. Go fearless without the filters from online to offline.

If you’ve been a fan of whitening creams all your life but you’re now at the point of transition into anti-aging products, there’s no need to sacrifice one or the other because Olay Natural White Ageless Aura is specially made to answer to both needs. What’s even better is you can enjoy a simplified skin care routine by choosing this face moisturizer that offers the 2-in-1 benefit. So that’s less time spent on your skin care steps.

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