What’s inside my CBTL 2020 Giving Journal?


During first month of the year I usually make New Year’s resolutions, set up goals and create plans on how to achieve it. For this year, I will be using The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2020 Giving Journal. It’s a 7.5 x 5.5 inches notebook (according to my calculation) smaller than my usual planner. This planner is quite challenging for me because it has no daily calendar division and no built-in trackers. On the positive side I’m excited to use it because once again I will exercise my creative skills (naks!) and it will be a good opportunity for me to use my colorful pens, markers, ruler, washi tapes, stickers and many more. But before sharing it with you please don’t forget to follow my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to get updated of my monthly post.

About The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2020 Giving Journal

Last November 8, 2020 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf launched their 2020 giving journal in Davao City. Every year, the proceeds from the CBTL Giving Journals are given to the Real Life Foundation, which consistently provide avenues for educational assistance, character formation and leadership development. You can also read more about the advocacy at reallife.ph

The Design

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2020 Giving Journal comes in a sleek and compact design that can be reused and customized for years to come. Its cover is made up of leather with imprinted design featuring artisan patters seen on the walls of their newest stores. It comes in four gorgeous colors, navy blue, taupe, green and pink. The cover is detachable so you can reuse, add or refill new notebooks on it.

The journal includes a monthly feature on modern day stories about courage with a theme that talks about courage to take risk, courage to stand up for the truth and many more. All features are complimented by breathtaking sceneries from the Philippines captured by local photographers.

My Journal Set-up

Monthly Calendar

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2020 Giving Journal has monthly calendar which is important to me. This is where I jot down all my upcoming activities like birthday, anniversary, meeting, reports deadline, social media posting and many more.

Monthly To Do List

On the right side of the monthly calendar I save it up for my monthly to do list. This is where I put at least four activities I wanted to do in a certain month. Like for January I wanted to declutter my clothes, bags, shoes and craft materials. I also want to make a savings plan so I can budget my income and lower my expenses. Finish incentive claims report and learn new things.

Daily Calendar

This part of the journal is challenging for me because I will be the one to make a daily division. In order to have daily divisions I made four columns and two rows then used washi tapes as separators. Since it came up having eight division, I used one portion of it to jot down my weekly goals.


Since the journal has no built-in tracker, I used the notes section and make four types of trackers: Savings Tracker to remind me to pay myself first; Bill Tracker to monitor my fixed expenses; Social Media Tracker to check my social media growth; and Event Tracker to keep track of my blog/vlog pending. By this way I can easily monitor and notify if I missed one.

So there you have it Lovelies, this is how I set-up my CBTL 2020 Giving Journal. 
How about you? How do you set-up you 2020 journal? 
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For more information about The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf visit www.coffeebean.com.ph

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