Lazy Day Outfit Ideas


Hi Lovelies! It’s been a while since I haven’t post #ootd so here it is! For this blog I’m going to share with you three lazy day outfit ideas whenever you feel lazy but before that please do follow my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to get updated of my outfit posts.

Lately I’ve been lazy and feeling bloated. It seems that my hormones are dropping to its lowest level.  I don’t want to wear tight clothes and sandals. I just want to wear comfy clothes and shoes. So here are my top 3 outfit whenever I feel lazy.

 Outfit # 1: Graphic Shirt 

I went to the mall and stayed at coffee shop. I wear black shirt with bold graphics at the back. It’s a men’s shirt and one size bigger on me.  I tucked in the shirt under my denim skirt so people won’t notice that I’m feeling bloated. I also wear white sneakers and eco bag for on the go errands.

Top: Hollister - ( Thank you Maui )
Skirt: Thrifted -  ( P50 )
Shoes: Vans - ( Thank you Hubby )
Bag: Thrifted - ( Thank you Papa )

 Outfit # 2: Polo Shirt 

Long sleeves blouses are my go to outfit for a corporate look. However when I feel lazy wearing it and still wants to look casual corporate, polo shirt is my go to outfit. In this photo I wore midnight blue polo shirt paired with denim skirt and floral sneakers. I also tie printed scarf on my hair for some effortless feminine touch.    

Top: Regatta - (Thank you Hubby)
Skirt: Garage Sale - (P50)
Shoes: World Balance - (Thank you Hubby)
Scarf: Lots -  ( P25 )

 Outfit # 3: Oversized Sweater/Jacket 

When the weather is cold I take advantage on wearing jacket or sweater. I thrift this hoodie sweater jacket at Roxas night market for only 200 pesos. I gifted this to my husband last Christmas but it seems he don’t like the color. So I took the opportunity and wore it. Actually I always take advantage of my husband shirts, jackets and sweaters. You will be surprise on how trendsetter they are.  I suggest you start digging on their cabinets too *wink!2x. I paired the hoodie sweater jacket with white short pants and matchy-matchy sneakers for athleisure vibes. I get lazy prepping my hair so I used printed scarf again and tie it to my hair.

Top: Nike - ( P200 Roxas Night Market )
Short: Garage Sale - ( P35 )
Shoes: Nike - ( Thank you Hubby )
Scarf: Lots - ( P25 )

So there you have it Lovelies! 
Which of these outfits do you wear whenever you feel lazy? 
Share it by leaving a comment below.

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