Make Get Well Cards for COVID-19 Patients


Hi Lovelies! Lately I’ve been into drawing, coloring and journaling. If you follow me on Instagram @carmella08 you will definitely now what I’m into right now. These activities keep me occupied during this pandemic. I’m a type of person who over thinks that is why as much as possible I make sure I have something to do in a day. These activities are one of my stress reliever.

While browsing the net I saw a post that Dr. Nicole Perreras of Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM) is requesting if you and your kids are interested in creating handmade get well cards that they can give to their patients to somehow uplift their spirits. Each patient will get a get well card as part of their breakfast tray. This is one way to help the community without shelling out money. All you have to do is to get a pencil, paper, coloring material and your creativity. Here are four pieces of get well cards I made.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect drawing. You can draw anything that you want as long as it is related to a get well concept. I’m encouraging all mommies out there to have this kind of activity with your kids to keep them occupied during this days (It's a good home quarantine activity). You may scan you artwork and email it to and they will be the one to print it for you. You can also check my YouTube channel on how I draw my get well cards.

So there you have it Lovelies! 
This is my way of helping others as well as myself during this time. 
Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Stay safe at home and be healthy always!

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  1. Whoa, these are soo cute, Mommy O!🥰🥰🥰

  2. Thank you for taking the effort to message our frontliners! It will cheer them up for sure!🥰