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Christmas is just around the corner, and we are all excited to celebrate this occasion. One of the most excited people I know who like to plan about this celebration is our Moms. They’re the ones who list all the food that needs to be prepared on that day and make sure that everybody receives a present. That is why for this blog, I want to acknowledge all Moms out there who are willing to serve their families wholeheartedly. I know it is not Mother’s day, but hey, your Mom deserves a nice gift from you this Christmas. So here is a list of Christmas gift ideas for five different types of Moms.

The Plant Mom

This type of Mom loves to take care of plants as if they were her biological children.

Garden Tool Set


The best gift you can give your plant mom this Christmas is a new Garden Tool Set. This will inspire her to procreate more different kinds of plants. You will benefit from it too. Your house will have a beautiful garden, thanks to your Mom.

Climbing Plant Wall Clip

Does your Mom have a Pothos plant or vine-like plants in your living room? If yes, this Climbing Plant Wall Clip is for her.  This will help your Mom guide the plants growing in your wall. She can also make an instant wall design of her choice. It can easily be installed without drilling the walls.


Aesthetic Watering Can 

Your Mom loves to take good care of her plants, and one of the daily routines she does is watering them. To make it extra, give her this Nordic Style Watering Can. It will add sparks to her daily planting activity.

The Cooking Mom  

This type of Mom never gets tired of preparing meals for her family.  She is passionate about food and cooking. So for this type of Mom, these are some of the best gift ideas.

Knife Set

We all have existing knives in our kitchen. They are still working, but maybe some of them are dull already. The kitchen knife is one of the important tools for preparing food, so if your knife is dull, it may affect the mood of the person using it. To uplift your Mom’s mood while preparing your meal, make sure to give her this pastel-colored knife set.

 Silicone Kitchen Utensils

Another important tool for your Mom in the kitchen is the cooking utensils. Your Mom probably has these already, but maybe some of them are already worn out. This is the time to give her new kitchen utensils with silicone material. It has 12 pieces of kitchen utensils with silicone heads and wooden handles. The twelve pieces of utensils are a deep soup ladle, solid serving spoon, slotted spoon/strainer, slotted turner, pasta server, flexible spatula, basting brush, whisk, tongs, round spatula, turner, and plastic utensils holder.

 Air Fryer

This cookware was launched in 2010, but it became more popular during this pandemic.  For me, this is badass. You can easily fry food without the use of oil and bake sweet treats using this small appliance. If your mom still does not have this kind of cookware, this is the right time to get her one.


The Designer Mom


This type of Mom has creative skills for designing simple things into fabulous ones. This Mom loves doing DIY arts and crafts.  She is sometimes overly meticulous in everything she does, and we love her for that. To maintain that personality, give her something unique that would spark more of her creativity.

Tapestry Frame  

This kind of home decoration is trending this year. It gives a positive and playful vibe in your home, especially when your Mom needs a nice background for her virtual meetings.  These aesthetic art designs will add some spark to your Mom’s home projects.


If your Mom loves to decorate flowers in your house, this unique vase is for her. It comes in different kinds of designs. They have unique ones like human figures, geometric styles, and many more. Your mom might end up collecting vases in different designs.

Scented Candles

After a long tidying day in the house, your Mom deserves some me time. This scented candle will let her feel warm and relaxed.  Lavender, Vanilla, and Coffee candles are my go-to scents. Your Mom will love these too. She can also place this candle on her bedside table for some artsy display.

The Social Media Mom


This type of Mom knows how to make a profit online. She is confident in front of the camera, enjoys taking lots of photos, and loves to share her favorite products and daily life experiences with her favorite social media platforms. So with that, these ideas are for her. 


Flat Lay Cloth Mat

Your Mom loves sharing her favorite product on social media, so this flat lay cloth mat will be an additional accent to her flat lay photos.


Ring Light

In photography 101, one of the important gadgets you need to have while taking a photo is a good light source. It can be natural light from the sun or artificial light from the bulb. Your Mom needs this to help her make beautiful content for her social media campaigns. 


Makeup Set


We know that your social media mom has existing makeup products already, but it does not mean that they don’t need to have a new one, right? Cosmetic products help your mom enhance her beauty, so this makeup set is perfect for her.  

The Working Mom 


This type of Mom is very dedicated to working. She doesn't want to be idle, and she works hard to earn extra money. She might be busy, but it does not mean she forgets her family. After a long day in the office, she makes time for them. To give her more motivation for what she is doing, these gift ideas are for her.


Your social media Mom is busy every day. To help her manage her time, this planner is for her.  These come in different kinds. There is something for work, personal growth, financial, health and fitness, and travel. You can choose what is best for your Mom or have one planner that includes all of these kinds. She will be happy and excited to receive a new one for 2022.

Working table & chair 

During this pandemic, most of our Moms are working from home. For some moms, it is a blessing, because they lessen their food & travel expenses, but for others, it becomes more challenging because, at home, they can easily be distracted by their kids. To make your mom comfortable working from home, provide her with a nice working space. This must include the right size of table and a comfortable chair so that she can easily finish her work tasks early and have more time bonding with the kids.


High-Speed Internet Connections

Moms’ work tasks cannot be done without proper documents, research, and collaboration with colleagues. To help them do tasks right and fast, provide them with a good, high-speed internet connection like PLDT Home Fibr. It can provide a strong and reliable internet connection for you and your family. You can explore a wide variation of online activities at home using multiple devices for seamless HD quality streaming, lag-free gaming, and many more. Your mom will thank you for giving her a high-speed internet connection.


So there you have it, Lovelies. I hope these ideas help you decide on what gift you will give to your Mom this coming Christmas.

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  1. All great pics! My mom would love those pastel kitchen tools.
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    1. Buy her one this Christmas. =) Thanks for visiting my blog, Steph-G.

  2. Great gift ideas for mom's Ms. O.