DIY Kitchen Bottle Container



Gift-giving is one of the Christmas traditions that we are all excited about. This is also the time to check our spending and make a budget plan for upcoming expenses. Giving gifts is fun; however, saving money is more important. Did you know that you can still give gifts and save money at the same time? Yes, you can do so by making Do-It-Yourself gifts! 

Designing homes, especially organizing kitchens, is on-trend this year. People buy jar containers for food and spices organizers and bottle glass containers for liquid condiments. If you plan to buy this stuff as a gift for your friends and family, the usual cost ranges from 30 to 50 pesos each or more, and that is costly. Let’s save money and start creating it on our own. By doing this, we can save money up to 50-70%. So for this blog, I’m going to share with you how to make a DIY Kitchen Bottle Container as a gift for your friends and family this Christmas season.

  • Old bottles - It can be a clear or tinted glass bottle. Any old glass bottle will do.

  • Wine Pour Sprout or Bottle Pourer Nozzle Dispenser – I bought this online for only P9.00 each.

  • Matte or Glossy sticker paper (Optional)

  • Clear packaging tape (Optional)

Clean the glass bottle
  • Soak the glass bottle in hot water until the sticker label is wet. 

  • Gently peel off the sticker label using your fingers or a rough sponge.

  • When the label is removed, wash the glass bottle with detergent soap, then rinse.

  • Soak the glass bottle in boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

  • Rinse and let it dry overnight.

  • When that glass bottle is dry, use a funnel and start pouring your selected condiments inside the glass bottle.

  • Once it is almost full, leave at least one or two inches from the bottle’s mouth, depending on what type you are using.

  • Place the pourer nozzle dispenser at the mouth of the bottle. There you have it; you now have a kitchen bottle container.

To make it look fancy, you can place a sticker label outside the glass bottle so you can easily identify the condiments. You can use Motex Label Maker and Dymo tape cartridge of your preferred color or make your design using online applications. I make my own and use Canva for layout. If you want to have liked this, send me an email request at, and I will send you the printable layout for free.

There are many DIY projects you can find on the net that you can try to help you save money. I’m grateful to have a strong internet connection like PLDT Home. I was able to browse unlimited DIY inspiration and recreate it. 

So there you have it, Lovelies. I hope this DIY idea will help you save money this coming Christmas.

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