UNIQLO 2022 Spring/Summer LifeWear Collection

UNIQLO Issue 06 for Spring/Summer LifeWear Magazine "The Joys of Clothing".

Last February 18, 2022, UNIQLO, a Japanese global apparel retailer, launched its Spring/Summer collections for 2022. The collection provides fresh, comfortable, functional, and stylish pieces that are perfect for the season, whether one is in the city, nature, at home, or at the seaside.



For this season, UNIQLO focuses on the simple joys that come to life when people and clothes find each other. UNIQLO presents the four sub-themes this season: The Joys of Skyline, The Joys of Landscape, The Joys of Imagination, and The Joys of Sun and Seaside. These lineups come with a blazer, dress for a modern city life outfit, a relaxing roomy pair of shorts for an outdoor trip, and a lively colorful design that is perfect for a beach trip. All of these new designs tie all together to bring happiness and comfort to the wearer during these sunny days.

UNIQLO Issue 06 for Spring/Summer LifeWear Magazine " The Joys of Clothing".

The Joys of Skyline

City-dwellers enjoy the convenience of a cosmopolitan lifestyle: a neighborhood café with friendly baristas, a deli selling artisanal cheeses, and restaurants serving farm-to-table food. This urban way of life needs contemporary and modern clothes that can be worn or off-duty.


Photo from UNIQLO Philippines Facebook Page.

The Joys of Landscape

Relish life off the grid, the rustling of the wind in the trees, and the crunching of leaves under the shoes, with colors and textures that blend in with the scenery of nature.


Photo from UNIQLO Philippines Facebook Page.

The Joys of Imagination

Art and sophisticated designs stir the senses. Imaginations are supposed to wander and enter brilliant new worlds so UNIQLO found inspiration in vibrant and uplifting colors.


Photo from UNIQLO Philippines Facebook Page.

The Joys of Sun and Seaside

An afternoon by the beach while soaking in the sun and feeling the breeze calls for natural textures, linen fabric, and clothes that drape effortlessly over the body. These are comfortable to wear and more importantly, easy to shed off when it’s time for a dip.

Photo from UNIQLO Philippines Facebook Page.


Apart from the sub-themes, UNIQLO is offering collaborations that reflect different aesthetics, but are all grounded by joy:


Hana Tajima

Hana Tajima returns to create UNIQLO’s first collection dedicated to dresses. This season, the New York-based fashion designer created garments that are made to be lived in, with understated yet iconic styles.

The collection features deep greens and blues inspired by nature and flower patterns found in Tajima’s garden. These patterns can also be found on hand-drawn scarves.

Ines de la Fressange

Ines De la Fressange turns to the colorful Moroccan city of Marrakesh in creating this season’s collection. The designer crafted high-quality and elegant yet casual items that liberally use cotton, linen, and silk.


The womenswear lineup is infused with menswear elements in natural colors and warm accents in reds, oranges, and pinks. The collection stays true to de la Fressange’s DNA of effortless chic that is truly French, truly Ines.

JW Anderson

Jonathan Anderson, who is never far from the sea, was inspired by sailing and the culture of seaside towns and ports when developing this collection. The sapphire blues of the sea, the soft browns of seashores, and the calming beiges of chalk cliffs are combined with red, green, and blue elements, reminiscent of maritime signal flags.

The nautical narrative is expressed through rope details, performance fabrics, patchwork, and asymmetrical elements.


UNIQLO’s 2022 Spring/Summer collection is now available in all stores nationwide.


For more updates, please visit UNIQLO Philippines’ social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and UNIQLO Philippines’ website at uniqlo.com/ph, and download the UNIQLO App.

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