10 Back to school must-haves


Our children are excitedly anticipating going back to school, meeting their peers, and receiving new supplies. When I was a student, I distinctly recall how much I enjoyed visiting bookstores to hunt for adorable, stylish, and practical items. These are the things I would purchase if I were still a student today:


I am aware that we are already in a digital world when the majority of students use laptops or tablets to take notes. However, I still prefer to keep a real notepad where I can use a pen and jot down important information.


Pens are one of the school items you need if you like keeping notebooks. One pen is not enough for me as a pen lover. I must have three basic colors: black for writing, blue for making notes, and red for checking. In addition, I require a mechanical pencil so I can quickly use an eraser anytime I make a mistake when sketching doodles and graphs. 

Correction tape

We all make mistakes when we write, so I always carry correction tape. I can just swipe it out and put the right one in its place.


Use a highlighter to make learning more enjoyable. I always keep yellow or orange highlighters on hand when I read a book so that I can quickly mark the key points I want to remember.

Pencil case

Keep your pens and other minor items in a pencil case to practice organizing your belongings. This will protect your newly sharpened pens, hide sharp objects, and will stop pens from smearing on your baggage.


Note pads are my go-to paper when I need to jot down something quickly. I use it to jot down my to-do list and reminders so I can simply refer to them later. 


Depending on how many compartments it has, it may be a backpack or a handbag and still fit my everyday school materials. For me, a backpack with bottle holders and cable compartments is a plus. It is convenient, practical, and fashionable, just like this purse.

Hygiene kit

In order to prevent the spread of viruses, taking care of myself is one of my top priorities. My hygiene kit includes alcohol, tissues, a spare mask, toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouthwash, lip balm, and some medications. It will help prevent the transmission of germs and to defend yourself and others, make sure you have this as well.

Water bottle

We frequently neglect to drink water as we get caught up in our schoolwork. I always make sure to have a water bottle with me so that I won't forget to hydrate. Drinking water regularly will help you restore your strength.


I also require a snack, which I must bring with me. I frequently forget to eat on time while I'm busy at work or school. My brain stopped functioning after that, and I started to lose strength. That is why; I make sure I have a snack with me, like this Pocky! It comes in three different flavors, chocolate, strawberry; and cookies and cream. It’s high in fiber, tasty and crispy. It is ideal for snacks on the go.

The new Pocky Share Pack is an additional option. You can share it with your classmates and friends because it comes in eight sachets. For Mommies and Tita’s, you can have it and give it to your children or nephew so they can learn the value of sharing.


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