How to make Tissue Roll Reindeer Ornament


Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the time of the year when we start decorating our homes with Christmas decorations. If you are still thinking of what theme you will display this year, you might want to consider doing this do-it-yourself tissue roll reindeer ornament.


I like doing art activities; it’s therapy for me. Doing art activities, especially with your kid is a fun thing to do too.  It will also save you money because you are using sustainable materials. So without further a due here are the materials you need.




Tissue roll cardboard

Craft paper (red, yellow, white, and brown)

Writing pens (pencil, brown marker, and black marker)


Glue or tape


Brown craft thread


Free Layout




Step 1: Print the free layout. This will be your guide for tracing on board paper. 180-200 gsm will do. You can also use this layout as your instant material for this activity.


Step 2: Cut the paper after tracing the layout starting with the red collar, bell, nose, eyes, ears, and horns.


Step 3: Get your black marker and start sketching the bells, and eyes.


Step 4: Get your brown market and start painting the horns.


Step 5: Get the tape or glue and start assembling the Reindeer.


Step 6: Get the brown craft thread, and cut at least 3-4 inches. Tie on both ends. Use a stapler and attach it to the back of the Reindeer in between the horns.

Step 7: Get the black market and draw a Reindeer mouth.

And there you have it. You now have a Tissue Roll Reindeer Ornament.


I hope this simple activity makes you and your kids happy.


Advance Merry Christmas, everybody!

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