5 Things that made me want to start a business


If you want to increase your earnings, you must atlease have seven sources of income. I always hear this statement every time I watch business video tutorials. It made me realize that I should start at least one or two small businesses as a start-up, and these are the five things that made me want to start a business. 

Earn extra money

Working in the corporate world gives you a stable income. This statement is what I had in mind those days. My needs and expenses are getting higher. It changes my way of living. As a result, my income needs to meet my expenses. Every time I stare at my monthly expenses journal, it makes me feel anxious at it. That is why I wanted to have a business to earn extra income aside from my monthly salary.

To be the cashier

During summertime in my teenage years, my childhood friends and I play games. Since we also like reading books, we decided to play book rental store. On the table in the garage area of my friend's house, we displayed all personal books, comics, song hits, and teen magazines per category with price tags on them. The rent cost ranged from cents to penny per day. It depends on what type of publication you want to rent. 

My friend was the cashier's personnel. She sits beside the door of the place to make sure nobody leaves without paying rent. On an index paper, she will write the date, the renter's name, the book title, and the total amount. After receiving the payment, she will hand over a receipt. I was fascinated with what she was doing. I want to do the same. Especially the part where she gave the receipt and loss change to the customer. I was the customer that day. I wanted to be the cashier. I told myself that someday I have a store and be the cashier personnel. Fast forward, I did! I was the cashier and admin personnel of our start-up business.

If you are just like me and want to experience being a cashier personally, you can try it here. It's an online game where you can be the cashier personnel. I've tried this, and I had fun playing with it. It's like a reality game that my friend and I did but in a grocery setting and digital form. You better try it too!

Help solve problem

Whenever I attended sales training, helping the client solve the problem was one of the tips I heard a trainer share. Whatever products you offer, you must always think you are helping them solve their problem. It's almost the same scenario when planning a business. One of the things you should consider is how you can help others. With that goal in mind, your business will have the right direction to success.

Likes to shop

About helping your customer solve their problem, one of the things that made me want to start a business is to buy stuff. Having a start-up business excites me a lot because it is the best time for brainstorming unique ideas on how to position your business structure. It is also the time to buy office supplies and items to sell. It is like you are the personal shopper for your company, and for me, it is a fun thing to do just like this game I discover on the net. You are operating a grocery business and instead of customers grabbing items to buy, you will do it for them. 

Loves to wrap items

Part of the business structure is having logistics. This department is in charge of packing and shipping orders. This part of the business structure is one of my favorites because I'm the type of person who likes arts and crafts. I remember last year's holiday season, made my gift wrapper instead of buying new ones. I used recycled paper bags from fast-food chains, old magazines, and cake ribbons. I also make doodles on it to add some personal touch. Wrapping gifts excites me a lot. I told my husband I wanted to have a business because I wanted to pack orders and deliver them to my dear customers. 

There you have it. These are the things that made me want to start a business. 
How about you? What made you decide to start a business? 

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