5 Ways to look sexy


You need to spend a lot of money and work extremely hard to achieve an attractive appearance. However, did you know you could accomplish that with a few things you already have at home? Here are five things you need to look sexy. 


I seldom wore cosmetics since the pandemic started. I remember one day, I attended a virtual launch. I only wore one product for my lips and cheeks. While looking at myself online, I felt that something is missing. I look dull on the screen. Then the next day, I attended another online event, and this time aside from using a lip and cheek product, I added eyeliner and made a catseye stroke. I instantly look and feel sexy online. I don't look dull anymore. Since then, every time I join an online event, I will apply eyeliner on my eyelids.

Red Lipstick

Another product must-have in my makeup essentials is red lipstick. I have a different shade of lipstick, but when I feel extra special, I will automatically choose red lipstick and glide it on my lips. It instantly adds power, strength, and confidence to my character. If you are a fan watching soap operas you will notice women who want to stand up on their own wear red shapewear dress with red lipstick on to show freedom and independence. 


Aside from enhancing my face by putting makeup on, I also make sure I smell good by wearing perfume. The vanilla scent is my go-to scent. It has a sweet, syrupy, and creamy smell that easily attracts people. Recently my sister gave me a small portion of her perfume. It smells floral and fruity. It makes me feel classy and sexy at the same time. It elevates my character and confidence too. You just have to be careful when choosing your scent because your smell leaves every people's mind. 

Black Dress

One thing that makes you look sexy is wearing a black dress. It can be a mini, midi, or long dress. It's up to your preferences. The black dress also helps hide any bumps and bulges, especially when wearing a shaper dress. It will instantly reveal your body curve perfectly. 

High-heels shoes

Good posture is equivalent to a slimmer appearance. To achieve this look, you need to wear high-heel shoes. I remember looking saggy and wearing flat shoes in a formal event. My confidence dropped. I felt that I don't belong at that party. While observing the people surrounding me, I noticed most women wore high-heels that day. They look elegant and sexy, especially wearing a shapewear bodycon dress in black shade. It looks gorgeous. Since then, I invested a high-heels shoe for future events. 

There you have it. I hope these tips will help you look sexy. 

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