Realizing that I’m not alone


There was a time when I felt that I’m alone. That nobody likes to be with me because I don’t talk too much or I’m a one question, one answer person.  But I was wrong. Thanks to my Sister who is always there when I needed the most especially when I wanted to try something new and asking her a little flavor  She’s the Sister that everybody wishes. “Kaya bonding-bonding din pag may time.” My Sister and I tried Zabadani Restaurant, a halalicious middle-eastern cuisine located at The Peak, Gaisano Mall Davao City. I’m not familiar with middle-east cuisine so my Sister did the ordering. She picked chicken & seafood biryani. The food is delicious and too tasty which you can actually taste the garlic, onion and curry flavor.  “Pasado sa panglasa ko!”

Nice view up here.

Top: Bench
Skort: Dept. Store
Shoes: Solemate

What's your favorite Zabadani Menu?
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Tips from Good Housekeeping Home-mazing Ideas

Hi everybody! Today I'm going to share with you some tips I've learn during Good Housekeeping Home-mazing Ideas Workshop last August 31, 2013 at SM Lanang Premier, Davao City. The workshop is all about how to improve your creativity in organizing your room, household care and easy home repairs with collaboration of 3M Philippines. 

3M Philippines early set of workshops were conducted at Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa City, The Columns and One Serendra in Makati City. The workshop features Ms. Koni Esteban, a freelance DIY and Craft Specialist; and cool guys from Mad Science. They also showcased its Command™ Damage-Free Hanging Solutions, Filtrete Aircon Filters, and the Scotch® Duct Tape and Scotchblue™ Painter’s Tape at the workshop to provide space management solutions to improve living quality of homes. 

Here are some tips that I've learned during Good Housekeeping Home-mazing Ideas:

1) If you like to hang some paintings, picture frame or accessories to revamp your plain wall, use 3M Command brand. It is damage-free hanging, holds strongly, removes cleanly without leaving a hole in your wall.

Here we tried the  Command™ Damage-Free Hanging Solutions during the game we played where we are tasked to use Command™ to design and organized some staff in the white board. Luckily  we won! Thanks to my groupmate (Lovely & Glorypearl).

2) Scotch® Duct Tape and Scotchblue™ Painter’s Tape can be used as accessories, cellular phone sticker casing or face mask.

(Left-Right) My sister Violeta and Lovely (co-blogger of also making DYI accessories using Scotch® Duct Tape.
Mr. Chips earrings and Heart bracelet made up of Scotch Duct Tape by 3M during DIY challenge of Good Housekeeping Home-Amazing Ideas event. Thanks @_iamlovely_ for fixing the accessories. Also check out  Scotch® Duct Tape web site (here) to check their cool designs.
3) Scotch-Brite scrub sponge can be used for DYI paint pants or shirt. Just dub the sponge to textile paint, dub it into the design stencil you choose and tadaaaa! You have your DYI design pants and shirt.

4) Did you know that indoor air pollution can cause respiratory diseases, allergic rhinitis and sick building syndrome?  To prevent these diseases 3M introduce Filtrete Aircon Filters. It has permanently-charge electrostatic fibers which act like magnets to attract and trap airborne dust, bacteria, viruses and other allergy aggravating micro particles to keep the air clean and healthy. 
Photo credit to: 
To know more about 3M Philippines and its Command™, Scotch® and Filtrete products, visit or follow @3mnews on twitter. 

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How to lessen your time staring at your cabinet?


Glass beaded headband 
Beaded dangling earrings gift form Ms. K.
Class beaded bracelet gift form Hubby.
Purple peplum top gift from Ms. K
P-P shorts from bazaar. Red belt form Gaisano Dept. Store
Sandals from Solemate

Do you experience staring at your cabinet for an hour just to think of clothes to wear on the next day? Well I did, a lot of time and I end up telling myself that I don't have clothes to wear which in fact that I have lots of clothes filling & hanging inside my cabinet. Sometime we're just looking for new stuff and not the old ones. Well in fact that we can still wear it by just using our creativity of playing matchy-matchy or monochromatic style. Another tip is you can also clean your cabinet quarterly to check if you still have clothes that you did not wear yet because the size is too small or too big when you received it. I hope these two simple tips will help you lessen your time staring at your cabinet. Mga 45 to 30 minutes na lang siguro.. Hehehe! By the way, most of the outfits are gifts that I received. 

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DIY: Studs Shirt

Hi everybody! Before my Sunday ends, I would like to share with you another DIY project on how to jazz up your plain shirt using studs design. Have fun!

1 old Shirt (any color will do)
1 coin
1 pack studs of your choice (here I used cross & circle design)

How to do it?
1. Think of a design you want to appear on you shirt. You can put studs at the center of your chest or at the lower right/left side of your shirt. Here, I decided to put the cross and circle studs alternately at the neck & shoulder lining.  

2. After finalizing the design, it's time to put the studs spikes to the shirt. Use a coin to push the studs spikes all the way down so it wont come back and poke you. Continue doing this step until you fill-in the design you wanted. 

Tadaaaaaaaaah! There you have it! Your DIY Studs Shirt.
Tell me what do you think? I can't wait to see yours too! 

Happy crafting! 


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2013 CANON PHOTOMARATHON is here in Davao City

Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. would like to invite all Mindanao Canon camera users (DSLR or Point & Shoot camera) to join the country's biggest on-the-spot photo contest. It will be held this coming September 28, 2013 (Saturday) at Abreeza Mall, Davao Activity Center. Registration is for FREE! Just visit or just click here for more details.

"Let’s have fun and capture great moments!"




Here's the Lucky Winner for OC-Craft 1st Birthday Blog Giveaway


Hi everybody! I know your excited to know who is the luck winner of my 1st blog giveaway (and I'm excited too!) *wearing big smile here. But before that, I would like to thank all who joined this giveaway (here) and to all the readers who visit my blog that reached 11,264 total page view as of today. Weeeeee! Thank you for making me happy. Without farther ado, here is the lucky winner of OC-Craft 1st Birthday Giveaway:

I will send PM on your Facebook for more details. Congratulations once again and THANK YOU for inspiring me to blog more. -XOXO-