Glam Rock


H&M by my supportive Sister
Dress: Borrowed from my Sister
Shoes: Trifted

Left-Right: Zsariz, Agnes, Mhaye Anne, Yours Truly, Daisy & Aissa
Top 6 finalist for Female Glam Rock of the night.
Congrats to Zsaris 1st Runner up Female Glam Rock) &
Mhaye Anne (Female Glam Rock of the night)

It's merry season once again and it is the month where all hotels are fully booked for corporate events like Christmas party. Good thing we did our reservation earlier! Last December 6, 2014 we celebrated our Glam Rock Christmas party at Water Front Insular Hotel, Davao City. I enjoyed the food, entertainment, games & prizes. Lahat competitive at lahat #gahot with their glam rock outfit. Everybody rocked that night! I'm happy to be one of this group! Merry Christmas MRO Team! Weeee!!!

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