When you're having trouble getting pregnant

During my teenage years awareness of contraceptives is very low and getting pregnant at early age is increasing. But when you are at 30’s getting pregnant is quite an issue already. I’m about to share with you a study about having trouble getting pregnant.The popularity of the abortion pill (also known as the medical abortion) is growing in recent years. Only around 8 to 10 percent of all abortion performed today are medical abortions, but doctors say that they are seeing more and more women opt for the medical abortion instead of the surgical abortion, since it is less intimidating, can be done in the privacy of a woman’s own home, and can be prescribed by a regular doctor. According to Pregnancytips, it is also less expensive than the surgical abortion procedure. Most of the time, having an abortion does not affect a woman’s future fertility at all. If a woman has had an abortion in the past and is concerned about how it might possibly affect her future fertility, she should ask her doctor. Keep in mind also that having had an abortion before does mean that a woman was capable of becoming pregnant in the first place, which means that the body processes should all be working as they should. Most of the time there is no issue with getting pregnant after an abortion. 

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