Off shoulder top: Yahoo
Printed leggings: Yahoo
Bag: Michaela
Shoes: CNL

Somebody ask me if I’m a swimmer, then I told her I’m not. Why you ask? I said. She thought I am because of my broad shoulders. People ask me this question every time I wore a sleeveless outfit.  At first, I don’t know if it is a good complement or if I will take it positively. I find women with broad shoulders very masculine kasi. Then a guy asks me the same question again, so I told him I’m not. I just have this wide shoulder that looks like a man.  But I was surprised by his answer. No, it looks sexy and sporty to me. PAK! Gusto ko yang hirit mo friend! (Insert blushed face here). Sometimes we have a tendency to disown our own beauty. If there is something that we don’t like about our body parts, the next option would be to have surgery which is I’m guilty about it but I’m not against it at all. What I’m trying to point here is we have to appreciate what we have. God gave it not to make you look ugly but to make you feel beautiful inside and out. Look for your asset. You just have to accept it whole heatedly and be contented about it. Hindi bale there are many ways to enhance it naman. Just choose what to wear and enhance your asset. 

About my outfit, I wore a black off-shoulder to emphasis my broad shoulder and comfy printed leggings to shape my butt and legs during MindaNow event last Aug. 16, 2015, at SM City Davao. I also bring my trusted tote bag to carry all my things and a black sandal to match it up. I saw this snake print fold-over tab purse and bow clip top purse by River Island that also looks good to pair with my outfit. River Island is available online at ZALORA Philippines.

So what is your asset?

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  1. Pretty!! I love you top! :)

    love lots,

  2. Nice outfit.

  3. Nice outfit.

  4. Nice outfit.