Blessed at 32

Romper: Gaisano Grand Dept. Store
Shoes: Solemate

August is my birthday month and this year I turned 32 years old. They said I’m already out from the dates at the calendar.  #sadface But hey! There is still lottery at 42 and bingo at 75. These are just numbers, right?!  What matters most is how you spend and value your life. At this age I would say I’ve been to a lot of trials from heart breaks to empty pockets up to failures and these three experiences are my best teachers. Thanks God I still survived! #blessed I know I will still have a lot of bridges’ to cross especially this year that I will be facing the new chapter of my life. Thanks to my family who’s always been there to guide me. For my friends who continue to cherish their crazy moments with me and to my new family who openly welcomes me. Maraming Salamat po! (Thank you very much!) #happykidhere

About my outfit, every year I always buy new cloths for my birthday but this time I choose not to wear red. I saw this romper short with sleeve and fell in love with its printed leaves design. 
What you think of my outfit?

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