Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 3 runner-up Monika Sta. Maria visits Davao City

Photo credit to Abreeza Fashion Forum Photographer.

The Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 3 runner-up Monika Sta. Maria visits Abreeza Mall's monthly Fashion Forum last July 23, 2015. Monika talks about her experiences in competing against 13 contestants from other regions that was shot in Singapore and broadcast from March to June 2015. Although Ayu Gani from Indonesia was the winner, Monika take it as a challenge to continue her dreams in pursuing a modeling career in London and Italy. Monika is also a volleyball player in De La Salle University and a psychology graduate who won the Century Tuna Superbods competition in 2012. No wonder she has the ideal body of a super model.

Photo credit to Abreeza Fashion Forum Photographer.

Photo credit to Abreeza Fashion Forum Photographer.

Davao Bloggers: Clea, Jexx & Shine.
Monika Sta. Maria with Davao Bloggers.
Top: Houndstooth Plaid

 Bottom: Makimoda Black Skirt 
Shoes: Solemate
The Fashion Forum is a monthly convergence of fashion and lifestyle press, bloggers, designers, insiders, students and enthusiasts that serves as a platform for discussion and promotion of notable trends, projects, personalities, brands, ideas and more. For more inquiries and updates on Abreeza Mall news and events, visit the main concierge at the ground floor or call (082) 321-9332. Like their Facebook page here and follow their Twitter page @abreezatweets and Instagram @iloveabreezamall

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OC-Craft Food Trip: Curry Express Indian Restaurant in Davao City

If you are craving for curry or spicy food, checkout Curry Express Davao located at Block 10 Lot 19, Donna Vicenta, Circumferential Road, Davao City (beside Sea Green Cafe and almost in front of Caitlyn's Dimsum House). They serve Indian food from curry, to biryani, masala and dosa at very affordable price. Name it and they will cook it! Just make sure you have cold water or chilled soda beside to cool you down when your face and ears turns into red. Specially when you try their Chicken 65. Sa sobrang spicy mapapaluha ka talaga sa sarap! You will be needing tissue too. Hehehehehe!!!

Shrimp Biryani & Dosa with Peanut Chutney
Aloo Bonda & Chapati
Shrimp Masala & Chili Chicken

Davao Bloggers together w/ Michelle Golajer (owner of Curry Express)
who personally cook food for you. Photo credit to Red Agreda.
Curry Express is also accepting orders to cater  your special occasions. 
Call them now at (082) 324-6946. 
They are open daily from 7:30am to 7:30pm. Don't forget to like their facebook page here.
Visit Curry Express Indian Restaurant today!

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There are lots of music festivals passed by and I've never been into it. I've seen it on the internet but I'm still curious about the music, the crowd and the outfit. If given a chance to attend this kind of event, I would probably wearing bright color tank top and short pants with girlie cut details. Pairing  it with chiffon kimono cardigan with festive prints design for my cover up. A comfy flat shoes for whole day walking or dancing. Polishing it with floral head piece and a reflector shades. Now I'm ready for some chilling and having fun! (insert Top Best Songs of Alesso) What do you wear on a music festival?

Floral head piece: SM Dept. Store
Tank top: F21
Short pants: Bazaar
Kimono: SM Dept. Store
Flat shoes: Solemate
Shades: Sunnies

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Primo Café and Grille Launches New Menu

Cheese Stick Falutas for P150

Tuna Sashimi Diablo for P165
Sizzling Beef Tendon for P220
Pesto Linguini Pasta for P155
Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger for P255
Shrimp Diavel Pasta for P250
Seafood Supremo Pizza for P360
Grilled Cheese Tomato and Basil Sandwich for P140

Classic Golden Waffle for P110

Banaffle for P160

Hazelnut and Banana Waffle for P140

Top: Her Bench | Skirt: Maki Moda | Shoes: Parisian

PRIMO Café and Grille, one of Davao’s homegrown gems in the dining arena, is delighting their patrons and the public with a new menu this June 2015.

The word "PRIMO" is derived from the Spanish word 'cousin' or 'a close, familiar relative'. PRIMO (or 'prime' in English) also stands for "first in excellence, quality or value", "a state or time of greatest strength, vigor or success in a person's life". It was borne from the idea of a group of friends who wanted to have their own place to share their love for eating and having fun.

PRIMO officially opened its doors on the 75th Anniversary of Davao's Charter Day on March 16, 2012. The celebration of the marking of the cityhood of a great city was an opportunity that PRIMO would not miss to open its doors to Davao's discerning diners.

Their flagship dishes are the Sizzling Beef Tendon, Tuna Sashimi Diablo, Mushrooms and Chorizo, Shrimp Diavel Pasta, Grilled Cheese, Tomato and Basil Sandwich and the Seafood Supremo Pizza. Their old-school favourites, like the Crispy Pata, Sizzling Sisig and meaty burgers, are still faring very well through the years. And after a hearty meal, don’t forget to try Primo’s Waffle Desserts with the collection golden brown waffles of Banaffle, Hazelnut and Banana Waffle and the Mango Jubilee Waffle are one of my favorites.

If you want to talk price, Primo won’t disappoint you in that area as well. For anything lower than P500, you and your companion can share a hearty meal.

“As the Dabawenyo taste is becoming more sophisticated, we always do our best to deliver familiar tastes with whispers of exciting additions. We mix-and-match cuisines, extending our beverage menu, and rolled out new promos to give the new menu the cheer it needs,” shares Alex Tiaoqui, the restaurant’s General Manager.

That said, head on to Primo for your next satisfying lunch, dinner or celebration. Be sure to try their dishes and find yourself craving for more. See you there!

Primo Cafe and Grille
Corner Legaspi and Gen. Luna Sts.
Ducati Compound, Davao City
Tel. no. (082) 295-6391

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Northpoint’s Caribbean Pines - More Than Just Trees

Photo from Northpoint Camella Homes

While Northpoint has several characteristics that set it apart from other condominium developments in the region, being known as a virtual pine estate is a distinction only this British colonial themed condo community can truly claim. It is host to hundreds of imported Caribbean pine tree currently growing on its grounds, bringing unparalleled value that goes beyond the obvious.

Greener, Fresher Surroundings.  As a condominium community at the heart of north Davao’s urban growth area, Northpoint is unlike other city-based condominiums surrounded with a hard environment of concrete buildings and cemented grounds. While Northpoint’s condominiums are concrete structures, they were built to blend with its natural surroundings and  sloping terrain dotted with trees. 

It has its own vista of greenery -- verdant shrubs, preserved olden Acacias, and the towering pines tree that give off a fragrant whiff of freshness. After the city’s hustle and bustle at the end of the day, it’s always a joy to arrive at a fresh and relaxing home environment others will be hard-pressed to find anywhere within the city.

Fresh Oxygen Year-round. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants and cleanse the air, ensuring fresh air for Northpoint homeowners whether they are indoors or out enjoying the amenities and green outdoor. Nothing beats inhaling fresh oxygen the moment you wake up and the time you come home to Northpoint.  

Environment-Friendly. When pine trees shed its needles they contribute organic matter to the soil, naturally fertilizing it. This can improve overall soil quality of Northpoint’s grounds, helping to grow healthy trees and other plant life.  As the roots of these evergreen trees bind and hold the soil, it can reduce soil erosion and slow down water movement during a heavy downpour.  It protects Northpoint’s grounds from gullies and soil slips that can be created by surface run-off. 

Buffer to City Noise. Urbanites want the convenience, proximity, and modern comforts of living at the heart of the city, but at the end of the day, they want some peace and quiet as they wind down at home with family and look forward to a good night’s sleep.  They can do exactly that in Northpoint as city noise and the din of traffic are buffered by the towering evergreens that can grow to a hundred feet tall.

Shade and Shelter.  These coniferous trees offer a natural shade from the hot rays of the sun.  Even when the sun shines at its strongest, these evergreens still give off a fresh ambiance. Its girth and height also provide shelter against strong winds and hard rain, protecting not only the homeowners but also Northpoint's condo buildings.  They are also home to nature’s wildlife such as birds, creating a thriving micro ecosystem within the pine estate.

Feel-Good Ambiance.  With pine trees and its cones associated with the holiday season, the good feeling is never far away.  It’s that sense of happiness and good cheer one gets when the holiday spirit is felt.  At Northpoing this feel-good ambiance is present all year round.

These Caribbean pine trees are more than just a pretty sight; they bring unparalleled value to Northpoint that goes beyond aesthetics.  To find out how to make this pine estate your home, visit the Camella offices at Delgar Bldg. (fronting Northpoint), JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City, telephone (082) 221-7016.

Photo from Northpoint Camella Homes

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