8 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool and Fun for Kids this Summer Season


Hey there, fellow moms! With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get our home ready for some serious fun with the kids by creating a space that is cool and comfortable. Here are eight mom-approved ways to make your home ready this summer.


1. Beat the Heat with Cool Decorations

Start by swapping out cozy blankets with colorful throw pillows, beach-themed wall art, and fun, lightweight curtains that let the sunshine in. Get the kids involved in creating DIY decorations to add a personal touch to your summer space.


2.  Create a Summer Reading Nook

Encourages a love of reading by setting up a cozy reading nook where kids can escape into their favorite books. Arrange bean bags or comfy cushions in a sunny corner of the house and stock the shelves with a variety of age-appropriate books. Don’t forget to include some summer-themed reads for extra inspiration!


3.  Create a Summer Art Studio

Beat the heat indoors by setting up a summer art studio for the kids. Stock up on art supplies like paints, markers, and craft paper. Encourage your kids to create summer-themed masterpieces like sketching seashells, sunflower painting, or paper boat making. It is a fun way to beat the heat and release their inner artist!

4. Keep it Breezy with the Asahi Electric Floor Tower Fan

When the temperatures start to sour, staying cool becomes a top priority. That is where the Asahi Electric floor tower fan comes in handy! Set it up in the living room or play area to create a refreshing breeze that will keep the kids cool and comfortable all day long. With adjustable settings and a sleek design, it’s a must-have for any summer-ready home.

5. Stay Hydrated with Fujidenzo Water Dispenser

Hydration is key, especially during those hot summer days. The Fujidenzo Water Dispenser makes it easy for the whole family to stay hydrated with its convenient hot and cold water options. Set it up in the kitchen or dining area for quick and easy access to refreshing drinks all day long. If your kids have their reusable water bottles, encourage them to decorate with cute and fun animals.

6. Prepare Refreshing Treatment with the Hanabishi Slow Juicer

Make homemade smoothies, juices, and frozen treats made with Hanabishi Slow Juicer. This handy appliance makes it easy to prepare nutritious and delicious drinks that the whole family will love. Get the kids involved by letting them choose their favorite fruits and veggies to create custom blends. It’s a fun way to stay cool and healthy all summer long!

7. Keep Beverages Chilled with the Markes Beverage Cooler

Make sure to put all your homemade smoothies and other beverages in Markes Beverage Cooler to have cool drinks on hand. This cooler keeps everything perfectly chilled and ready to enjoy. You can place it in the backyard or playroom for easy access to cold drinks during those hot summer days.


8. Stay Sun-Safe

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun’s harmful rays by creating shades both indoors and outdoors. Install UV-blocking window films to reduce glare and prevent UV damage to furniture and flooring. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen with a high SPF before heading outside and even inside the house to enjoy summer outdoor and indoor activities with kids.


There you have it! These are the eight ways to keep your home cool and fun for kids this summer. With a little creativity and the right essentials like the Asahi Electric floor tower fan, Fujidenzo Water Dispenser, Hanabishi Juicer, and Markes Beverage Cooler, you will be all set for a season of sun-soaked adventure and family fun.


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