OC-Craft DIY: How to make Owl Wall Art?


Hey lovelies, it’s been a while since I posted DIY blog and now I’m doing it again! I am about to unleash the creativity in me. Chaaaar!!! By the way, before I start sharing with you the DIY, I’ll share with you a little bit update about my life today. My job opened a new project this year and because I was challenge, I’m now based in General Santos City. Doing some baby steps today and eventually makes some BIG leap soon to achieve those #goals.  Gensan and I are still in a stage of getting to know each other. Hopping soon we will be best of friends. #ExploreGensan

Since I’m from Davao and move here in Gensan, I needed a shelter to keep me safe. Thanks to my friend Nyke who recommended a place for me to stay. I live in a dormitory somewhere in Gensan and the wall is nicely painted with sunshine. Tempted to put something at the wall, I decided to make DIY. Inspired by one of the coffee shop I’ve visited here in Gensan. So here’s cute DIY Owl Wall Art for you.


1/8 Illustration Board
Construction Paper
Scrapbook paper wrap
Bond paper
Black permanent marker
Double sided tape/ Glue
And a creative mind *wink

Step 1   : Cut the illustration board into square shape.

Step 2   : Get the printed scrapbook paper wrap, cut it at the same size with your illustration board and
paste it using double sided tape or glue.

Step 3   : Get the construction paper and cut it like a Rome style window (stilted arch) to form owl’s figure.

Step 4   : Get your pencil and draw a heart shape at the upper portion of the arch to create owl’s chest. Trace it again using black permanent pen then shade it.

Step 5   : Get the bond paper, form a circle and cut it. Remember the cut portion of illustration board? I used it, formed a circle smaller size than the bond paper circle that we did. These will be the eyes of the owl.

Step 6   : Don’t throw the remaining papers.  The can still use it as a beak of an owl and its feet.  Here I used illustration board as beak and the red construction paper as its feet.

Step 7   : Paste it on your designated area.

And there you have it, your DIY Owl Wall Art! (^,^)

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