Break Free by Don Soriano


I remember when I received my first salary, I immediately reward myself by purchasing the things I like...... cloths, bag, shoes and gadgets. As my salary increases, the price level of the things I wanted to buy also increased. Upgrading lifestyle by purchasing branded cloths, gadgets and eating to luxury restaurants are just a few things I usually spend before. These things make me happy but as I get older, these things become my major concern. Sometimes we spend too much for the things that we already have. We only realized it when we needed something really important yet we cannot buy it anymore. No extra money, no savings, big debts and lots of financial responsibilities are mostly adult horror stories that we hear……sad part, I’m one of them. When I received an invitation to review Don Soriano’s book, Break Free: 8 Principles to Get from Employee to Employer in 3 Years of Less, I was excited to have it. Maybe this is God’s way of leading me to the right path.

The book composes of the following interesting principles that the author learned during his journey to financial freedom.

  • Don’t quit your job.
  • Make the best investment.
  • Learn how to manage your money.
  • Understanding the power of leverage.
  • What is the best first step to business?
  • Analyzing the law of association.
  • How to achieve financial freedom.
  • Why success is only 20% skill.

What I like about this book is how the author generously shares his experiences on how he overcome debt, ways on how to improved self-development, how to conquer fear in order to make the first step to business and ways to achieve financial freedom. The book is thin but very direct, clear and informative which I really like. I recommend this book to all my readers whose feeling lost, confused, struggling with everyday life expenses, wants to save money, start a business and earn extra income. This book will serve as your guide to achieve financially free.

About the Author...

Don Soriano is a speaker and trainer who empowers people in the topic of sales, business, personal finance, investment, and leadership. He aims to influence people by making shift from employee to an employer the right way. His lifelong dream is to be a world-class speaker who can inspire and motivate people to reach financial freedom.

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