OC-Craft March 2017 Favorites


Hey Lovelies, it’s time to share my March 2017 favorites. I’m happy to announce that I was able to maintain the consistency of sharing this topic with you. Weeeeeeee!!!  Now there is one thing I have to do, improve my posting schedule for this topic. Targeting every first week of the month (fingers crossed) so please do follow my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updated of my monthly favorites.

Starting with Makeup category…

Ever Bilena Limited Edition Liquid Matte Lipstick

I have a few liquid lipsticks which I purchased from online shop, bazaar or to a friend. Some are kiss proof and long lasting but I was having a hard time applying it on to my lips. Some have strong smell and sting sensation too. Good thing Ever Bilena Cosmetics released limited edition of matte liquid lipstick which I really like. It has a cute packaging, it smells like a candy, its matte and it distributes well on my lips (walang buo2x when I applied it).  Down side, it’s not kiss proof… pero kung kiss proof siguro baka strong chemicals na ang content so this liquid lipstick is okay with me.  I have three different colors, Cashmere blush for my everyday look, Private beach when I want to highlight my cat winged or smokey eyes or my sun kissed checks and Moody merlot when I want to feel sexy. *wink!

Cashmere Blush by EB Advance Liquid Lipstick

Private Beach by EB Advance Liquid Lipstick

Moody Merlot by EB Advance Liquid Lipstick

Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Two-way Cake Foundation and Clear Smooth Pressed Powder in the shade #3 | Natural

I’m using these two foundations when I don’t feel like applying liquid foundation. I always bring with me the refill one since its super handy so I can easily retouched when may face is oily. The white super fresh two-way cake foundation has UV whitening and 34 SPF PA+++ to keep skin protected from hit of the sun. I used Maybelline Clear Smooth press powder after applying my moisturizer and when finalizing my makeup.  These foundations stay only for 4-5 hours on my face since I have an oily skin. So suggest you put primer first before applying this foundation since it’s very hot here in Philippines. Or maybe we should try the “jamsu” technique to achieve long-lasting and flawless skin. Hhmmmmm…..

Cologne category…

Spring Break Daily Scent Cologne by Bench

I want to stay fresh all day, so I bring with me this 25ml Spring break daily scent cologne by Bench para amoy baby. (^,^)

Healing category…

Vaporin Refreshing Oil

I can’t think of any category so I came up with this. Hehehehe!!!  When I feel dizzy or experiencing stomach ache I used Vaporin to calm my senses. It’s a refreshing blend of essential oil (amoy max menthol candy) that heals me. It’s handy and it’s in roll-on type so I can easily apply it. Vaporin is from the maker of Efficascent Oil which is famous in liniment products.

Book category…

Break Free by Don Soriano: 8 Principles to Get from Employee to Employer in 3 Years or Less.

If you’re feeling lost, confused, struggling with everyday expenses, wants to save money, star a new business and earn extra income, this book will serve as your guide to achieve financially free. The book composes of the following interesting principles that the author learned during his journey to financial freedom.  To know more about those principles, checkout my blog post about it here.

Organized category…

Gadget Charger Organizer

I won this accessory organizer at Cebu Pacific game during my travel to Manila. I used it as my gadget charger organizer. It can fit my three chargers and four cables.  Its shape looks like a pencil case and it doesn’t consume large space in backpack so it’s very convenient for me. This is one of my travel essentials because you know that you can never go wrong if your items are organized. 

 What’s your favorite item last month?
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