OC-Craft April 2017 Favorites


Last month was a blast for me because I was able to avail long vacation together with my family. We went to Manila Ocean Park, we meet-up with Rizal (Philippine National Hero) in Luneta, stroll around BGC to hunt big murals, bike around at Quezon Circle and many to mention. I’m telling you this because during that month these items are my go to favorites.... But before sharing it to you, please do follow my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updated of my monthly favorites.

Starting with Shoes category...

Pastel Sneaker Shoes by Kicks
Yes! You read it right. It’s not the branded one you saw online but it looks almost the same (boom!). I like the color because it matches my skin tone and it’s easy to pair with different outfits. It looks like leather type material which is useful when it rains because you don’t need to worry for the shoes to get wet. It’s easy to clean if dust and mud slang ha, no stain left just keep it away from pens or makers, feeling ko doon sya madudungisan kasi I have a bag with same material like that  at ang hirap alisin yung stain ng ballpen kaya iwasan mo na lang din.

Accessory category...

Sadie Sunglasses in Dusty Rose by Sunnies Studios
I have this sunglass for almost 3 years from now and it’s still one of my favourite sunnies. It has a dusty rose color frame that looks girly. The lens has a two tone tinted shade which is not to dark and not to light, sakto lang. If your face looks oval like mine, a cat’s eye frame like this looks great on us. So whenever I get bored wearing black frame sunnies, I go and grab this baby.

Makeup category...

Matte Crimson Lipstick by Clinique
First of all I love the packaging. Its silver, it looks edgy and so classy. It’s soft on the lips, it’s matte, it’s long lasting and my lip doesn’t chap. Your teeth will look white because of its crimsom shade (semi dark red). So far this is one of the gorgeous lipsticks I have. I'm not sure if this is available here in the Philippines since this was given to me by my Mom (thank you Mama! *mwah!). Let me know if you saw this kind of lipstick here in Philippines, specially in Gensan or Davao so I can check other color.

Gadget Accessory category...

Gorilla Tripod
This tripod did an important role during my vacation last month because aside from its handy (comparing to big tripods), you can also twist the tripod whatever position you wanted and it is very useful specially when taking group photo and stable shots. You can also used your mobile phones on this tripod too. This item is definitely a perfect gadget accessory whenever you’re travelling. By the way this tripod was part of my Christmas wishlist last year and I would like to thank my Manito for granting my wish (sobrang gamit po sya). (^,^) 

Lighting Camera Connection Kit
There are new digital cameras right now that have Wi-Fi features that you can easily upload photos directly to you mobile phone. But if you don’t have that kind of camera yet, this camera connection kit will definitely your camera’s best buddy. I admit that I upload photos very late (as in super late na to the point magiging #throwback na lang yung post ko and I’m sorry for that) it’s just I get lazy transferring the photos from camera to laptop, collating and uploading it. I get some complains about it so I was challenge and used it as a motivation to upload photos the day after the shoot. Thanks to this little buddy, I was able to upload the photos on the next day and they like it (*wink). I bought this item at Daiso Japan store in Abreeza Mall Davao for only 188 php. It’s a 6 in 1 connector kit with USB, SD (HC), MS, MMC, M2 & TF. At first I used camera USB cable to transfer photos from camera to iPad and it didn’t work. So I removed the SD card from camera and connect it directly to the connector kit and it works. I’m not sure if my item is defective but when I try the second option it works naman. If you have this gadget too, let me know if you experienced it too by leaving a comment at the section box below.

I hope these favorite items of mine will somehow help you decide if you need these items in your life.

Thanks for dropping by my blog Lovelies, until my next post. (^,^)

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