OC-Craft Quick Tips: 3 Items Every Girl Must Have


Hi Lovelies, today I’m about to share with you some quick tips about items that every girl’s must have. But before that please do follow and like my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get update post of my quick tips, monthly favorites, #ootd and makeup 001. There are lots of items every girl must have but I’m going to share with you some of those items. Starting with….

Bra Extender

If you have a bra that fits your breast cap but to tight on your chest, this item is what you need. Just simply hook the bra extender to the ends of your bra for an instant increase length at makakahinga ka na ng malalim. I saw these 3 inches bra extender at Her Bench/Body in 3 basic colors, nude, white and black to match your everyday bra.

Bra Strap Clipper

Are you annoyed with your popping bra strap when wearing racerback top or is your tank top strap are too long? This bra strap clipper will help you hide in place those popping bra straps. Just clip booth bra straps to the strap clipper and tadaaaaa no more popping bra strap. You can also use it for an instant racerback if you have those too long strap tank tops. Saw these 3 clippers at Her Bench/Body in 3 basic colors too.

Clear Bra Straps

Showing your bra straps is somehow fashionable but it depends on what kind of bra trap you’re showing off.  It can be same color of your pants or tops, with studs or lace design depending on your mood. But if you don’t like those scene stealer straps specially when wearing off shoulders or boat neck tops might as well wear clear bra straps to match whatever outfit you are wearing.

So there you have it, my three items every girl’s must have.

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