NCCC Supermarket Upcycling Project for a Sustainable and ECO-Friendly Community


Upcycling Project Media launch last August 16, 2019 at Coco's Grill, NCCC VP, Davao City 

NCCC Supermarket and Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) Refresh Mineral Water partnered for an eco-friendly project that aims to encourage everyone to employ more sustainable practices in their lifestyle, especially in their usage of single-use plastics. Refresh Mineral Water, which is made of 100% plastic, recently launched its #RefreshReturnRecycle campaign to help spread awareness on proper waste management which is also aligned with NCCC Supermarket environmental advocacies.

The project involves recycling or upcycling of used plastics bottles into arm chairs with the help of Winder Recycling Company (WRC). The chairs will be donated to Matina Central Elementary School, Davao City. They are targeting fifty (50) school arm chair for this project.

Bottles to Chairs Bins are now available at 30 NCCC branches | 1,240 empty plastic bottles = 1 arm chair 

Main Datu-David, URC Vice President, Beverages said, “We are happy to partner with NCCC and WRC for a program geared towards taking care of the environment. Through the #RefreshReturnRecycle program, we hope to encourage more people to practice proper waste management so that used plastics bottles can serve a better purpose.”

NCCC Supermarket has already began their eco-friendly initiatives since 2018 with the opening of Green Lanes where shoppers can opt to have their items packed in reusable bags which are now available in almost all branches. Shoppers can now also bring their own containers to store their fresh goods such as meats. They also recently held a whole day plastic-free event last July to promote the campaign even further.

Once again, I’m encouraging you to practice proper waste management to help save our planet. 

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