5 Things that can make people happy


When I heard this question, money was the first thing that came to me. People are content when they have money, period. But when I stop to think about it, does money make people happy, or is it just a means to an end?


When I was younger, I always anticipated getting paid. When someone asks what gift I would want, I usually respond, "Money, please," so I may spend it on whatever I choose. Then I began to understand that money is only a means of bringing happiness to people, then what causes people to be happy? Here are the five things I believe contribute to happiness.


Eat Food

Whenever I'm hungry, I've discovered that I become irritated and angry. I do! When I'm hungry, I stop chatting and become silent. However, as soon as food enters my stomach, I start to smile, feel pleased, and interact with everyone, especially while you are munching away on my preferred meal. Right now, Chixboy Grill's Bistek Ala Chixboy is my favorite dish. It is a steak that has been stir-fried and topped with caramelized onion rings and a tangy, delicious sauce. The meat is flavorful, juicy, and soft. I believe it has umami, vinegar, and butter. Desserts and cool beverages make me happy as well. The idea is to choose food that makes you happy. And make sure it contains the nutrients you need to keep your body and mind healthy.


Take a bath

Others may disagree with the idea of taking a bath every day, but to me, it is a need. I always feel good and refreshed after a morning bath. Here's what I'm doing, I turn on my favorite K-Pop girl groups, Black Pink and Twice while taking a bath, use my favorite bath products, and enjoy the experience. My entire body quickly awakened, and I felt pleased. My day will be dull and lazy if I do not do it first thing in the morning. So, to store happy hormones in your body, I advise you to take a bath every morning.


Communicate with your loved ones

It's acceptable to talk to yourself when you're by yourself, but if you do it constantly, it will become problematic. The act of conversing with others helps one feel more human. You may speak and practice your voice. You can develop together with new knowledge. I'll admit it; I'm not a chatty person who likes to start conversations. I'm a one-question, one-answer kind of person, which I'm gradually trying to avoid, particularly now that I should talk to the people around me. Although I'm an introvert, there are times when I wish I could unleash my extrovert side. I feel overwhelmed and inferior when I'm by myself. Having a good conversation with someone, though, starts to energize my outgoing personality and makes me happy. So I advise calling your loved ones to say "hi" when you are alone and beginning to feel lonely.


Play online games

Honestly, I don't download online games to my phone since I get angry quickly if I can't complete the current level. My cell phone is dull, in my opinion. There are just applications for work, social media, and general use. But I recently downloaded a shopping app with built-in games, and I like it. For me, it's a win-win situation. I utilize the app to play games, get points, and then use those points to shop online. What a cool thing!


My go-to online games are the old ones when I don't want to use the phone instead choose a laptop and don't want to play too many challenging games. Just a few are solitaire, word searches, matching images, and coloring pictures similar to this Barbie coloring page online. You can select and color any of the available Barbie pictures. You can also utilize an image already on your computer, and the game will transform it into a plane image so that you can begin coloring it. To learn more about the fun and relaxing games, go here. You'll undoubtedly be pleased by it.



My mood changes and I start to act bad manner when I'm tired. I would ask myself, "Have I mistreated myself and failed to take some rest?" to get beyond this period. If the response is "yes," I've realized that I should rest or nap. You must look after your health if you want to be a happy person. For your body to replenish energy and perform efficiently, you need to get enough sleep every night—roughly seven to eight hours. The following time you starting feel overloaded at work, shut off your laptop, WiFi, and other electronics and turn on some calming music and ventilation. Then grab your favorite pillow and close your eyes. Your body is already loaded with energy when waking up, and you will feel good. Therefore, the next time you feel overwhelmed at work, turn off your laptop, WiFi, and other gadgets, turn on ventilation, and your favorite music, and close your eyes. Your body has ready energy when you awake, making you feel good and happy.


You now know some of the things that make people happy. Please share your suggestions for things that bring you joy in the comments box below.


Do not dwell on the past, and do not worry about the future. You have to concentrate on living in the now because there are many beautiful reasons to be happy.

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