My top 5 favorite everyday value meal at GrabFood app


One of my necessities today is an internet service. Our nation is gradually implementing face-to-face communication, and most of us are progressively adapting to this new stage of our lives. We get up early, bathe, get dressed, and cook food. We frequently neglect to make our lunch, though. Good thing we can readily use online meal apps like GrabFood on our smartphones. We can easily pick out the food we are craving, put it in the cart, and then check out. Here are my top five favorite meals that are suitable for eating every day if you are still unsure what to order.


JM Shawarma Rice


A Middle Eastern dish with a Filipino touch is JM's shawarma rice. This meal is composed of beef, vegetable pieces, and savory spices. One of my favorite fast foods is it. May ulam ka na, may kanin ka pa! I only spent 98 pesos on this lunch, but I prefer it more when I add an extra egg and some melted cheese (20 pesos each).


Chicken Rice Meal by Southwing Cafeteria


I enjoy watching Korean movies and television shows, and every time I do, I notice that their meals always include fried chicken. I prefer to get chicken rice at Southwing Cafeteria to help satisfy my cravings while watching K-Dramas. The traditional soy garlic, lemon pepper, bbq glazed, smokey bbq, sweet chili, sweet & spicy, blazing hot, teriyaki, yangnyeom, and salted egg are among the eleven flavors they provide. Lemon pepper and barbeque glazed are two of my favorite flavors. And this meal cost 108 Php, saktong sakto sa budget ko.


California Maki by Sukidesu


I usually include the California Maki when I order Japanese food online. I appreciate how easy it was to make while still using many ingredients. It comes with plenty of Japanese mayo, wasabi, and soy sauce. And it is cut into eight pcs. Sulit ang 165 pesos mo.


Beef-Wanton Noodles Soup by Catlyn’s


I usually envision a nice hot soup meal while it is raining when I work at home or in the office. Good thing the GrabFood app has Catlyn's beef wanton noodle soup. It is rich in noodles and savory soup. It also has two tender chunks of beef and two incredibly dense wanton balls. This meal is 150 Php, and its single serving is almost enough for two people.


Cookies by the Dough Story Bakery Café


I am not sure if you would classify this as a meal, but for me, a meal would not be complete without some sweet treat. When I get up late and have brunch, I usually reach for dessert as my next meal. Similar to these are cookies from the Dough Story Bakery Café. It comes with bulky cookies in six various flavors; peanut butter, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, matcha white, and the NYC Classic. This dish is suitable for sharing, and it costs 240 Php.


These are just a few meals offered at the GrabFood app. By following these steps, you can discover more Everyday Value Meals - Starting at 99 Pesos:


1. Go to the GrabFood app.

2. Click the Food tile.

3. Click the Start at 99 tile.

4. Search for the food you want.


Online ordering is simple, practical, and inexpensive. In addition, you can take advantage of daily GrabFood promotions too. I also received a 50% discount on my overall bill. How cool is that!


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