The First Davao Champion of Red Bull Half Court is on its way to victory in the National Finals in Manila!


The exiting Red Bull Half Court Qualifiers in Davao came down to a talent-and-tenacity clash. The men’s competition was controlled by the Blanca Golden Knights and the women’s division was dominated by Coaches Corner, who commanded the court with extraordinary skill and determination. The tournament showcased the finest of Davao’s streetball scene, from jaw-dropping crossovers to buzzer-beaters, and it also produced Davao’s first-ever Red Bull Half Court winners.


Rising stars emerged, leaving an indelible mark on the court and setting the stage for an electrifying journey ahead. The victorious teams from Davao now advance to the National Qualifiers, where they will face off against other regional champions from across the country alongside wildcard teams consisting of professional players to make the competition more intense.


Team Blanca Golden Knights and UMTC-3

“We worked so hard to prepare for the league, and we made sure to stay focused throughout each game and not because complacent. Also, we leave it up to God in order to strengthen our determination to win,” expressed by Blanca on how they prepared for the Red Bull Half Court Davao Qualifiers.


Meanwhile, despite training individually during their preparation, the winning team in the Women’s Division attributed their triumph to their exceptional teamwork.


Team Royal Eagles and Coaches Corner

“Our teamwork has really set us apart from the rest of the team today. We make sure to work seamlessly together to communicate effectively on the court, which I think was the most important thing in securing the victory,” the Coaches Corner team stated.


The stakes are high as they compete for a coveted spot in the Red Bull Half Court World Finals, set to take place in the basketball mecca of New York City.


Cemented by their recent triumphs, Blanca, UMTC – 3, and Coaches Corner will go to the National Finals. With their skills honed and their spirits unwavering, they stand ready to represent the Davao region at the Red Bull National Finals this April 27, 2024.


Photo Provided by Kentoy Films

Keep an eye out for the next regional qualifiers, happening in Manila this April 13, 2023, visit the official Red Bull website or Red Bull Half Court page, and the following social media pages (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tiktok).


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