See Stripes

Stripes are long narrow strips of the same width and  length in different colours or texture from the surface. Stripes prints always catch my attention every time I go window shopping. I think it looks good on me especially horizontal ones. But some says wearing horizontal stripes will make you look fat. While vertical stripes will make you look thin. I think it depends on how you wear it or paired it with other fabric. In the end it still depends on how you carry yourself well. Since we're talking about stripes, I would like to share with you my new outfit post wearing stripes dress.

 One Saturday night I saw this denim stripes dress with inner tutu skirt. It looks like Korean outfit to me. So, I immediately visualized myself pairing it with a boots. Without thinking twice, I bought it!  *with a BIG smile (=D)* And finally I had my spare time and did my 1st outdoor pictorial.

Floral design makes the outfit girly.

 Denim with tutu skirt rocks!

 I add up silver and rubber accessories to make it look edgy.

Here's my outfit details:

Dress: Thrift Shop
Shoes: Schu at Chimes Sale
Accessories: Black Rubber at Bomo ; Timex watch ; 
Silver bracelet at Tomliz

Thank you to my lovely daughter "Samantha" for those beautiful shoots. 
(Pwede ka na maging photographer anak!)

Next project Grecian Goddess outfit. (^.^)

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Oh! One more thing! I'm working on my online shop right now.
It's more on cool stuff and our pre-love items. I'm excited to share it with you soon!
Stay tuned! =)




Do you remember about my birthday wish list posted 10 days before my birthday? For those who missed it you can click this "Birthday Wish List". I'm happy to share with you that out of my five birthday wish list, I got three. Not bad right? Well, I'm excited to share with you what I bought myself  and what I received from special some one as  birthday present. I will not hold you any longer. Here's what I bought for myself:

Pink Blazer from W.A.G.W. 
(addition collection for my corporate outfit)

Here is Hubby's gift: Enovation Tripod
(perfect for my mini studio)

Thank you Babe! <3 
Next time remote shooting naman tapos 50mm na Canon lens or 
studio flash pwede na din. Hehehehe! Love you! =)

And one more thing, the least that I expect to received is the wish list #5 which is the iphone 4s or the BB phone. But God is good! He answered my prayers! After waiting for 3-4 months upgrade plan and availability of the phone. He set it up for my special day. I have my loyalty phone BB! Weeeeeee!  (=D)

Oh! to bad Fashionary is not available at National Book Stores in Davao. Maybe I have to order it online. For 1TB External Drive, I think I still need to save some more and make it as my next project.  

Till next wish list! 

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Birthday Bash

August is one of my fave month of the year. You know why???  It is because of so many celebrations and happenings during this month. As to birthdays, my brother on the 23rd, sister on the 25th and my kababata (Nyke) on the 19th and there are many to mention pa. And oh! Our most awaited  King of all the Festivals, our Kadayawan sa Davao on Aug 17-19 wherein lots tourists and celebrities are coming here to witness and celebrate this event. Another thing that made this month perfect is our extended week-end due to the end of Ramadan on the 20th, EDSA Celebration on 21st and National Hero's Day on the 27th. AND MOST ESPECIALLY one thing I like most is when I celebrated My Birthday last Aug. 8. As far as I remember, last year I celebrated it wearing birthday hat and a cake eye wear.

2011 Birthday Celebration @ Office (My hair is short!)
 And now I'm at the age where they say "still at the bracket of late twenties", I celebrated it having a theme of "Victorian Party" with my colleagues. 

I also celebrated it with my family at home due to strong rain & heavy traffic last Aug.7, 2012.

Thanks everyone for making my day special. Till next year!

Here's music video by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen "Good Time"


PS: Remember the Birthday wish list I post 10 days before my day? 
Well I'm going to post what I receive this week. Till next post..

Special  thanks to my Sister (Dimple) who brought  my  head dress & 
my Mama (Ofel) for the delicious spaghetti . (panalo sa panglasa!)  =)

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Madayaw Dabaw!


Today (August 18, 2012) is one of the biggest event of Kadayawan sa Dabaw which is "Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan". This is where the 10 tribes show their culture by performing dance number on the streets or they call it "Street Dancing Competition". Malapit na mafull charge ang battery ko! Yehey! But before I go, here's a friendly reminder to my fellow bloggers.

Kadayawan Schedule to guide you to the whole event.

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan 2012 Route to keep you on tract.

Be Safe! 

God Bless!


Happy Kadayawan fellow Dabawenyos!

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DIY Project: Neon Braid Bracelet

Today is my 2nd post of DIY Project and I'm so excited to share it with you! Since Neon colors are catchy, I am going to share with you my Do-It-Yourself Neon Braid Bracelet. To start, here's what you need.

1 pc. Neon Orange DMC thread
1 pc. Neon Blue-Green DMC thread
1 pc. Neon Pink DMC thread
3 pcs. Dragon Fly Pendant
3 pcs. Wish Pendant
8 pcs. Ring Connector
1 pc. Locker
*All material are bought @ Craft Shop Gaisano Mall, Davao City

How to do it :

1st       Measure 1 thread to your arm and cut (make sure it’s 2-3 inches lower from your wrist)
Grab all the thread and cut it using the 1st thread as your basis (DMC thread length is 1 meter , so what I did, cut it into half.)
2nd      Tie 1st the 3 threads then you can now start braiding.
3rd       On your 3rd braid, insert 1 ring connector and 1 dragon fly pendant to the right.
Then another 2 braids, insert 1 ring connector and 1 wish pendant to the left
(Repeat the steps 3X).
4th      After the last braid, tie it up. Put 1 ring connector to both ends of the bracelet then
form a spiral shape. Before tightening it up, insert another 1 ring connector on both   
sides then make it tight.
5th      Two ring connectors are now open. On the right side, insert locker on the ring connector
and lock it to the other connector.

Tadaaaaaaah! There you have it! Your own Neon Braid Bracelet.

Tell me what do you think? I can't wait to see yours too!


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6th Canon Kadayawan sa Dabaw Photography Competition

Kadayawan Festival is an annual festival in Davao City, Philippines. It is derived from Mandaya word which means "Madayaw". It is a warm and friendly greetings which explain a thing that is valuable, good and beautiful. It is also a thanksgiving for the gift of nature, wealth of culture, bounties of harvest and serenity of living. 

And this year, Canon Marketing Philippines will be celebrating it's 

The competition is open to all photographers who are using Canon Photography equipment. It will start during the contest period (Aug 18-19, 2012), covering only the events of Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012 Festival. Registration is FREE! But pre-registration is REQUIRED. Registration Form is available at the Canon DHub Store (3rd level, Gaisano Mall of Davao & Abreeza Ayala Mall), Canon Davao Office or to the secretariat of Museo Dabawenyo c/o Oca Casaysay, faxed at (082) 222 6011 or email to Valid registration shall be confirmed through email. 

August 1-13, 2012 (Registration Period)
August 18-19, 2012 (Contest Period)
August 27 to September 3, 2012 (Submission of Photo Entries)
September 17, 2012 (Awarding of Winners)
October 17 to November 15, 2012 (Exhibit Period)


1st prize Ixus 1000HS camera

2nd Prize PS A810 camera

3rd Prize IP2770 printer

But wait there's more! Canon Marketing will give FREE RED Canon Kadayawan 
T-Shirt for the first 200 official participants. So hurry! Let's paint the town RED!  


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Pink Leopard


Is there a Pink Leopard? I've checked the net but haven't seen one photo except for textile prints & accessories. The Leopard is a member of a cat family. Their coat has a background color of pale, cream-yellow underside that darkens slightly to an orange-brown on its back. A solid black spots adorn its limbs and head, smaller and denser than the golden, umber-centered rosettes that cover its back and side.

So I guess there's no any Pink Leopard existing at all. But for fashion industry, there is! And it's  perfect for corporate outfits. Allow me to represent my Pink Leopard. I paired it with  black leggings to put more emphasis on the prints. I also put-on one of my fave cover up to look corporate. And of course don't forget the neck accessory to look edgy since Leopard are known to be strong and fearless. 

What do you think of my outfit?

Top: Pink Leopard gift from colleague last Christmas (Monique L.)
Cover-up: Thrift from a friends garage sale
Bottom: Black Leggings (Guo)
Shoes: MYX
Accessories: Tomliz